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Experiences | Thinkcraft : Sensorial, Behavioural & Empathic Design


Experiences | Thinkcraft : Sensorial, Behavioural & Empathic Design

Experiences that 
make room for conversation do more than sell do more than satiate
your appetite
are provocative stay long with you
after you leave
become your second home tantalise the senses

Design Studio | Thinkcraft: Interactive Experiences | NYC

Design Studio | Thinkcraft: Interactive Experiences | NYC

Thinkcraft is an experience driven design studio. 

We lead with sensorial, behavioural and empathic design to achieve rich engagement, belonging and deeper connections for clients and audiences.

We partner with clients to develop curated events, retail pop-ups, branding systems, interactive content, hospitality driven service models, spatial blueprints, and bring life to environments across the globe.






We consult with clients on branding, strategy, technology, graphic and environmental design, building teams and providing frameworks to tackle problems they need to solve with utmost urgency, efficiency and grace.


We partner with clients as their right hand, eyes, and shepherds of good taste and lasting impact from nascent stages of an idea to mass market product launches. Think of this as a vertically integrated holistic partnership.

Culture / Curation

We create opportunities for new ways of public interaction, bringing both playfulness and mindfulness back into public spaces, while dedicating part of our time to create experiences that have a positive impact in society. 


Projects | Thinkcraft: Installations - Lighting - Content | NYC

Projects | Thinkcraft: Installations - Lighting - Content | NYC


Brancusi AR @ MoMA

Can we expand the life of artworks through deeper engagement and contextual understanding?


How does one introduce a digital fingerprint of a museum’s collection in a contextual, elevated and relevant manner, while also welcoming and inspiring 9000 visitors a day?

Swiss Textiles

Can a dynamic identity inform a fashion platform’s year to year transformation?

American Express

How can we bring the magic of Kusama Infinity Mirror Rooms to an exclusive branded event?



How can the idea of a global community manifest in a physical space, while also promoting tools for creativity?


Can a digital service's ethos also be extended across physical locations, particularly for a company wide retreat intended to invigorate and grow partner loyalty?

Frank Gehry

How can a lighting spectacle unveil the beauty of the architectural complexity and sophisticated construction techniques of an iconic building?

111 W 57th St

How can we use lighting design to give life to a new feminine and ephemeral presence within the otherwise masculine skyline of Manhattan?


How can a telecom giant reimagine its retail presence to express a new strategy focused on seamless digital experiences for its customers?


How can we revitalize the perception of a brand by empowering and enticing millennials to engage in a new digitally intuitive way?

Saks 5th Avenue

Can an interactive multiplayer holiday window engage and excite the attention of a wide age group?

ThoughtWorks AR

How do you extend an already established brand voice, while remaining true to the essence of the original identity?


Contact | Thinkcraft: Design Studio based in New York City

Contact | Thinkcraft: Design Studio based in New York City


Say Hello!              hello@thinkcraft.co

New Business, Projects, Partnerships and Collaborations: newbiz@thinkcraft.co

Press, PR and Speaking Engagements: press@thinkcraft.co

Join the Team  jobs@thinkcraft.co

238 Franklin Street, Brooklyn, NY 11222