Dirty 🍋 Initial Proposal

We’re thrilled to support the Dirty Lemon team in developing a seamless and elevated experience for the next bar. There’s a fantastic opportunity to combine true hospitality, technology and theater with a unique POV on the future of commerce.  

Both our teams move fast, so we've outlined our preliminary north stars, relevant touchpoints from our initial conversation, our initial roadmap with deliverables and our retainer fee.


Lay of the Land

North stars - everything should ladder back to these key themes:

  • Conversational / seamless

  • Theatrical

  • Irreverent - cheeky, fun

  • Pop culture - community

  • Premium member club experience 

  • “Doing things differently” - elevating service culture


Opportunities in the bar experience:

  • Transaction-less / frictionless settlement

  • Customer / VIP rewards

  • Instant product feedback loop

  • Booking, tipping, settlement, education of product, takeaway


Opportunities in the member experience (private clubs, hotels etc):

  • Familiality / warmth of hospitality and interaction

  • Lounge - ‘home away from home’

  • Event Space - elevated programming

  • Tiered access


Touchpoints for Engagement

🍋  Integrated Technology

Layers that scale, elevate, ameliorate and delight


  • Tech to fuel seamless brand experience

    • Facilitate fluid transactions and interaction

    • Adapt current CX practices to physical space

    • Clearly integrate with current tech stack

    • Define high value / low cost technical infrastructure

    • Support group and VIP expectations: i.e. booking ahead

    • Support ideal definition of brand loyalty/ambassadorship


  • Transaction-less bar experience:

    • Every new transaction as customer onboarding

    • Direct tie in / extension of current text-to-order system


  • Hospitality first bar

    • Interaction building brand affinity

    • Drink portfolio feedback system

    • Quantifiable product and menu prototyping

    • Identify space usage 


  • Elevate and delight

    • Experiential interactive elements

    • Brand content 

    • Programming and mood dependent lighting



🍋 🍋  Service design + guest experience journey

Creating and facilitating a transaction-less and seamless bar experience.


  • Guest interaction

    • Bar Interaction as building brand affinity

    • Transaction as customer on-boarding and acquisition  

    • Ambient tech to fuel fluid brand experience


  • Service design

    • Holistic customer journey, from neophytes to VIPs.

    • Streamline and refine variable paths to loyalty / VIP

    • Rethinking service culture

    • Showing appreciation for brand as whole

    • Staff and guest interaction playbook



🍋 🍋 🍋  Lighting

Creating ambiance, engagement and brand affinity


  • Bar interior lighting

    • Mood elevator, theatrical, sexy,

    • Mood change - system changes over time from morning to evening

    • Reactive bar lighting

    • Support programming


  • Bathroom / activation lighting

    • Reactive lighting - activity of occupants or playlist

    • Shazam, Spotify - VIPs to curate audio environment


  • Lightbox / skylight

    • Blending liminal spaces

    • Low cost solutions to emulate natural daylight

    • Indirect lighting to positively affect mood


Initial Roadmap + Deliverables

The following represents a top-level milestone schedule. We are working against the assumption of mid to late June opening at 293 Church St. Once we are aligned on project parameters and contracts are in place, we will update this timeline with more specific dates and details once we have a clearly defined scope of work.


Week 1 Kick-off, immersion + exploration

  • Immersion and Q&A workshop sessions with DL team

  • Define requirements based on operational, tech and brand stakeholders

  • Understanding + defining customer profiles and brand KPIs

  • Concept explorations and moodboards

  • Framework for fluid collaboration


Week 2-3 Development

  • Identify key hospitality requirements

  • Identify key transaction roadmaps

  • Identify brand + social content need

  • Provide competitive research - 3-5 best-in-class retail/hospitality experiences

  • Provide initial technical infrastructure recommendation

  • Provide initial MVP tech stack recommendation

  • Workshop experiential concepts


Week 4 Testing

  • Define customer experience blueprint

  • Refine transaction touchpoints and roadmaps

  • Arrive to an operational and technical MVP  


Week 5+ Prototyping, Implementation


Retainer Fees

Our studio's monthly retainer rate ranges between 15K and 30K depending on the time commitment.

Given our excitement about working together with your like minded and nimble team and this being the first time we'd work together, we're happy to discuss a balance of time and a fee that meets your expectations and sets us both up for a fruitful long term partnership.

Looking forward to further alignment, fast decisions and a focused collaborative effort.