Photo by LoveTheWind/iStock / Getty Images


   B2B - Global Marketing Summit  

Can a global summit of 5000 people feel intimate and deliver an inspiring, educational, and rewarding experience?

Facebook asked us to develop distinct experience concepts for their annual Global Marketing Summit at a point in time when conversation about ethics and inclusivity are occurring on a global scale, while they are making breakthroughs with Augmented Reality and AI platforms. 


Bringing together 5000 people to intimately relate to one another while also interacting with spaces in a profoundly new way, delivered an experience that both surprised and delighted attendants.

Spring-boarding off Facebook’s core values we aimed to bring something different to the conference platform by developing and seamlessly incorporating activations and art interventions within the space.


We designed the spatial layout and flow to minimise wait times for activations and talks - while also creating nooks and areas where attendees could gather in more intimate places, facilitating deeper interaction. Attendees were further rewarded through interactive and collaborative games specifically aimed at encouraging heuristic understanding of advanced technologies and tools, as well as interaction and play with attendees outside of one's usual social circles.

We emphasised the notions of community, inclusivity, agency, autonomy and self-expression as elements that were integrated into the activities and activations over the course of the summit programming in order to empower attendees and encourage discourse on the sometimes uncomfortable problems that arise within global communities such as Facebook.

– Developed with Magnetic for Facebook