Copy of Projects PUBLIC

Copy of Projects PUBLIC

Experiences and questions we've focused on:


Brancusi AR @ MoMA

Can we expand the life of artworks through deeper engagement and contextual understanding?


How can a telecom giant reimagine its retail presence to express a new strategy focused on seamless digital experiences for its customers?


MoMA Lobby

How does one introduce a digital fingerprint of a museum’s collection in a contextual, elevated and relevant manner, while also welcoming and inspiring 9000 visitors a day?

Saks 5th Avenue

Can an interactive multiplayer holiday window engage and excite the attention of a wide age group?



How can we revitalize the perception of a brand by empowering and enticing millennials to engage in a new digitally intuitive way?

American Express

How can we bring the magic of Kusama Infinity Mirror Rooms to an exclusive branded event?


Mode Suisse

How can a fashion show celebrate a variety of designers while still maintaining an overarching visual identity year to year?


How can the idea of a global community manifest in a physical space, while also promoting tools for creativity?


ThoughtWorks AR

How do you extend an already established brand voice, while remaining true to the essence of the original identity?


Can a digital service's ethos also be extended across physical locations, particularly for a company wide retreat intended to invigorate and grow partner loyalty?



111 W 57th St

How can we use lighting design to give life to a new feminine and ephemeral presence within the otherwise masculine skyline of Manhattan?

Frank Gehry

How can a lighting spectacle unveil the beauty of the architectural complexity and sophisticated construction techniques of an iconic building?


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