St. Thomas Hospital

   Set Design, Projection + VFX Direction

Can you develop a human-scale environment resembling a neuronal network that neurologists can interact with?

We created a convivial atmosphere for empowering non-actor neurologists to acclimate to acting by developing a physical neural network they could navigate and interact with… on camera.

After conducting several feasibility studies, we abandoned a green screen and CG shoot for a more analog friendly and tactile approach to filming.  

Understanding the neurologists’ discomfort with ‘acting’ and improvisation led us to devise a system of ropes that can act as representations of neural pathways.

Aiming to stay true to analog art of visual effects, we mapped and projected onto the array of strings from multiple angles and guided our neurologist-actors to play their parts, following a well orchestrated plan.

Setting this up and shooting was far more complex than it looks. We also ran out of brain surgeons jokes.

– Developed for The Tombras Group