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Alex Post

As an optimistic, empathetic, creative and strategic thinker, Alex applies behavioral psychology, deep listening, research, technology, and systems thinking, to foster innovation and develop fluid synergies between human experiences and spatial design.

Driven by a deep curiosity and passion for the collaborative creative process, Alex has adapted his background in architecture, sociology, design, and technology to precede market demands. He’s helped shift perspectives and shaped environments, brands, work methodologies and organizational structures on a cultural scale.

As a team leader, I strive to inspire authentic passion and curiosity, enabling self-organization as a catalyst for creative and thoughtful action and growth. I believe we are our best selves in states of flow, enabled by a deep sense of purpose, community, harmony, and transparency… concurrently, all pillars of functional and flourishing environments.

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Sophia Hanover

Sophia Hanover is an Art Director and Pluridisciplinary Designer-Artist with a focus for developing and designing for physical and digital environments. She architects narrative-driven solutions that drive original concepts for film, experience and interactive to enhance and challenge the human condition.

Her background in animation, interactive media, architecture, lighting design and sociology seed a preoccupation for experiential design and informs her independent art practice. She directs and leads concepts for immersive experiences, public space, responsive environments, exhibitions, film and the moving image.

Working with local communities she advocates for authorship and agency throughout her work - examining behaviours and patterns at a social scale - evolving conversations and impacting upon collective change.

Sophia is a keen articulator with the ability to catalyse teams with passion and drive solutions for a diverse range of disciplines, clients and needs.

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Drawing from a network of trustworthy and hyper specialized collaborators, we assemble an agile and focused team of specialists for each client and project.

When we work with remote partners, we’re proud to be able to call on friends across the US, Australia, Germany, Switzerland, France, Italy, Lebanon and Kenya.

Jason Levine

Creative Technology Director

Jason Levine is a creative technologist and computational artist based in Brooklyn.  Jason specializes in interactive systems and generative art.  He has worked on projects ranging from experiential marketing to audio reactive concert visuals for the legendary Ms. Lauryn Hill.

He has created permanent installations for the Museum of the City of New York and Twitter HQ. He most recently worked with TheWaveVR to create the first ever album release in virtual reality for LA producer Tokimonsta, and is a 2018 MIT Artist-in-Residence.

Michelle Collins

Experiential CD, Strategist and Executive Producer.

As a Tokyo native and New Yorker of 17 years, Michelle lives at the intersection of technology, fashion and cultural fusion.  Her background in Journalism, Marketing and Public Relations lends a unique storytelling lens to her work.

For the past 15 years, she’s fluidly adapted to a wide range of industry sectors and has become a recognized expert in digital content, consumer marketing, digital platforms and experiential activations.

Find out more about Michelle at [a] Non-Agency

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