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Global, Adaptable Architectural & Service Blueprint

How can you re-design our support and recruitment centers in order to improve efficiency and increase driver loyalty? And can we do it worldwide?!

We started by observing, analyzing and evaluating the fundamental building blocks for Uber’s Driver Support Centers to create a solid foundation for a global program, service, support and spatial design blueprint that can scale globally.

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We then revised the employee playbook to primarily embrace individuality, and developed a flexible system founded on carefully considered, iteratively refined program adjacencies, alongside an underlying architecturally adaptable framework. 

This humble approach embraces the idea of frictionless circulation with all spaces and allows for future product scalability and expedited deployment in new and most importantly, complicated markets. 

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The core service layers are further aided by localized visual expressions and empathetic branding intended to foster community and loyalty among drivers, while instilling excellence and incrementally and iteratively improving service quality.

– Developed with Uber with Spector Group Architects