111 W 57th St

   Emotive Lighting Design

How can we use narrative and lighting to create something feminine, ephemeral and mysterious within the otherwise masculine skyline of Manhattan?

Working with SHoP architects and L’Observatoire International we devised a lighting scheme that changed over the course of the day and night, from lobby through to crown - to elicit an emotional and behavioural response. 

111 sophia zoomout.jpg

Dynamic changes to the lighting are linked to the lunar cycle and visually connect the crown to the ground level. Evoking shimmering jewelry, the LED grid at the crown changes over the course of the month - so viewers observing the skyline will be able to enjoy the subtle fluctuations over time.

When the project completes in 2019, the slender midtown tower will leave a mark on the skyline being one of the tallest residential towers in the world.

– Developed with L'Observatoire & SHoP