Dark Sky

   Forecast at your fingertips

Can a weather app really be addicting to use?

In locations prone to unpredictable and spontaneous weather, the answer is most certainly, Yes. As it turns out, people really love knowing the future. 

Beyond seeing a precise forecast for the next hour, we devised a timeline interaction that allows user to not only scrub the fluid weather pattern of the past day, but travel one hour in to the future.

Using NOAA’s radar information, we used optical flow algorithms to represent sporadic historical patterns as a natural and fluid stream, and more importantly, to foretell how the patterns in the sky are going to shift within the next hour… pretty accurately. 

Dark Sky was started to scratch our own itch, and it seems a lot of people also needed that itch scratched in a gratifying way. Dark Sky App is now also forecast.io 

- Apple 'Editor's Choice' Featured App