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  Frank Gehry

   Louis Vuitton Ceremonies

How can a lighting spectacle unveil the beauty of the architectural complexity and sophisticated construction techniques of an iconic building?

Gehry’s LVMH museum is a spectacle in and of itself. In order to create a beautiful sequence for the opening event we returned to the materiality of the building - and the artistic and design opportunities that might arise there. 

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Through on-site research and hundreds of storyboard iterations we devised a running ‘script’ and used the complex glass forms to our advantage; exploring the concept of hide and reveal within the inherent opaqueness of the sails. We created a conversation between the architectural volumes, the glass sails and the evening Parisian sky.

thinkcraft lvmh sophia hanover 4.jpg

Through dynamic changes in the light we guided people from the street outside, through the building and out onto the lawn for the final spectacle.

thinkcraft lvmh sophia hanover 5.jpg

– Designed at L'Observatoire International with Frank Gehry