Digital Marketing Internship - Fall 2017

Thinkcraft is about to kick off its Digital Marketing for the first time since the opening of the studio and you will be a key player of the entire process. This is a great opportunity to dive into all aspects of digital marketing, from strategic planning to execution across a variety of channels. You will assist the team in researching strategic insights, setting up our profiles on different platforms, organizing our editorial calendar and curating engaging and insightful content.  

This is the right internship for you if you are comfortable working in an informal work environment - a lofty office + rooftop  in Greenpoint - and if you flourish in small teams where everyone has great impact and responsibility. You will be guided throughout each given task, but we also expect you to be highly committed, learn fast and find your way out of challenges.

The internship is unpaid but will provide monthly travel stipend and grants school credits (where possible). We require a part-time commitment (approx 20 hours a week) with highly flexible work hours, we want to make sure you can keep up with any school obligation, project, or side job you may have. Expected start in September 2017, minimum duration of 3 months. 


Our digital marketing efforts will mainly focus on SEO, social media marketing, content marketing, email marketing and paid advertising. Across the different digital marketing areas, you will support our team in the following activities:  

  • Research: study the latest trends, channel-specific best practices and examples of successful campaigns in order to provide strategic insights 
  • Content curation: post and publish content across all our platforms on a recurring basis, either by using internally produced content or sharing content from external sources
  • Track and measure: monitor the relevant metrics and KPIs, spot problems and what causes them, identify solutions, come up with creative ideas to better the performance and reach our goals


You are the ideal candidate if you have:

  • A background in business, design, communications, journalism or related fields
  • An interest in design, architecture, art, technology and new media
  • A basic understanding of branding, strategy, marketing and digital media
  • Excellent writing skills: you write well and creatively, and you are able to convey a brand’s voice through your writing
  • A natural tendency to spend hours browsing through blogs and instagram feeds
  • No severe allergy to numbers, charts and Excel functions

It’s a plus - but it is not required - to have experience with:

  • Google Analytics
  • Social media management tools 
  • Facebook ads
  • Google adwords 
  • Mailchimp or other email marketing software


To apply: 

Send your resume, portfolio (if you have one) and a cover letter to
Feel free to share any blog post, social media feed or project of yours that tells us a little about yourself and what you love.


We encourage anyone who has an interest in Thinkcraft to reach out to us.

Given the diversified and multidisciplinary nature of our work, we constantly team up with other studios, professionals and freelancers.

Below is a list of the skills and competencies we usually seek to integrate in our projects and process. Don’t hesitate to contact us and let us know how you can make a difference.


  • Full Stack Development
  • Front End Design
  • Creative Technology / HCI


  • Unity / VR 
  • Architectural Design
  • Production Design


  • Production
  • Finance / Accounting
  • Coordination